[Update] On health, worlds, and the future

Dearest faithful readers,

It’s been a wild six months. I’ve barely written anything due to exam stress followed by hospitalisation, major surgery, the beginning of university, and finally further illness. Fret not, however, for I am back at last.


For now, I hope to post daily, even if it’s short. I have three original worlds. These are:

[Thrys] is a magi-tech fantasy world which I’ve been writing in for a couple of years now. Depending on the point in time, it’s anywhere from archaic low fantasy to relatively modern to sci-fi. See the specific [Thrys] page for further information on how I’ll be tagging it. Note: formerly known as [Amarentia]

[Fairydust] is a mid-fantasy modern world set around fairies living in our world, primarily those in urban environments. It has some dystopian elements, as well as a few darker themes.

[In Shadow] is a low-fantasy world where one day, demons began appearing at night and the world had to learn how to fight them or die.

On top of these, I might post fanfiction or things set in the real world. I’m also toying with the idea of a cyberpunk world, but that’s still to be determined.


I’m fast approaching winter break and am slowly but surely getting all my academic writing for this semester done. My final deadline is around 9th December but after that, I’m all yours.


Quill, signing off ’til next time,



[Update] The World Moves

Hello there, faithful reader.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days – Life has been a bit busy and I haven’t had much of a chance to write much publishable.

The first thing to announce is that I’m changing the name of the Amarentia world to Thrys. Amarentia is a country in the Thrys universe. Now that’s clear, I can be posting some things I have up from people in other nations.

The trouble with the Thrys world is that I’m writing a novel in it, and I have been planning and developing the world for years now. As such, I’m kinda hesitant to post too much revealing? So what you see will either be things set long before the novel I’m writing, or adjacent. They’ll have a lot more value as a collection of short stories in universe.

I could post up Thrys serially – chapter by chapter- but the danger with that is if I need to make edits further back. For example, I got to chapter 6 or so and realised that I needed to rewrite half of it.

Either way, there’s a lot going on there, and I’ve got a load of world building and it’s really difficult to convey the important bits in a novel, to show context and help people understand what’s happening. I feel like it’s a lot more enjoyable that way, and it’s a real challenge to write like this. I’m having a lot of fun though, and I’ll probably be posting a lot more from that world in the coming months.

As for Project Fairydust, that’s going more slowly. The world has only been coming together in my head for a few weeks so it’s a bit tricky… But you can expect to see some more things from there too, but less than Thrys.


So, if there’s anything you’d like to see me post, comment below. I can do stuff from my worlds, or do a one off drabble, or a short story, or you can give me a writing prompt, or I can write something about writing meta like discussing purple prose, or description, or characterisation, or worldbuilding, or whatever. Just let me know and I’ll do my best.


Quill, signing off ’til next time.



[Writing Meta] In which Quill bashes NaNoWriMo

I was scrolling through my reader, searching tags to find new blogs to follow, when I happened across this post in which somebody was saying that they’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo, and that they haven’t met their word count and have been left in defeat at some 15000 words.

I’d like to note, dear original poster, that this is not specifically aimed at you but rather my thoughts on the whole mindset. I hope you don’t take offense.

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[Chapter] [Project Fairydust] Dancing and Steel

Previous Fairydust: Vivian

Next Fairydust quillstroke (Coming soon)

Project Fairydust

Chapter two: Dancing and Decisions

Quill’s notes: It’s nice to see a few people liking and commenting on my last couple of posts. It inspires me to write more! As far as Fairydust is concerned, I think I’m going to keep the name Project Fairydust as an official title. It was originally my working title but I quite like it. Chapters won’t be as long as one might expect from a novel, because I feel like sometimes what I want to show isn’t worthy of a whole chapter. However, Project Fairydust will for now be following Vivian’s viewpoint, and is chronological. As such, I’ve started labeling chapters. Enjoy the read.

Inspired by the prompt: False

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[Quillstroke] [Project Fairydust] Vivian

Next Fairydust: Dancing and Steel

Project Fairydust

Chapter one: Vivian


Quill’s notes: Project Fairydust is the placeholder name for something I’m working on. I wanted to write something today so I opened up a new post and just wrote, with minimal editing. I was going to call this a drabble, but a drabble is technically around 100 words. Calling it a scene is incomplete too, so I’ve decided to call it a quillstroke; a short scene or chapter.

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