[Quillstroke] [Project Fairydust] Vivian

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Project Fairydust

Chapter one: Vivian


Quill’s notes: Project Fairydust is the placeholder name for something I’m working on. I wanted to write something today so I opened up a new post and just wrote, with minimal editing. I was going to call this a drabble, but a drabble is technically around 100 words. Calling it a scene is incomplete too, so I’ve decided to call it a quillstroke; a short scene or chapter.

Vivian Hider stared glumly out into the endless stream of humans below, noting no details beyond that they were humans. This day has been unreasonably long, she thought as she lay on her front, chin resting on the back of her hands. She’d barely met quota and nearly been caught, which would have gotten her in big trouble with the Department of Security, and people who got in trouble with Security had a tendency to disappear under mysterious circumstances. She shuddered at the thought, and kicked her booted heel into the wall in apathetic frustration. It wasn’t like she wasn’t trying her hardest, but fairies in her line of work sooner or later disappeared. A high turnover rate, they called it. She wasn’t even particularly well paid for this, but work was work, and she couldn’t afford to pay for training in any other field. Still, it beat having to learn cleaning magic; arguably the most boring field of magic ever devised.

Vivian sat up, stretched, slung her well-worn bag over her shoulder and rolled from the CCTV camera she’d been lying on, falling about three feet before letting her tattooed purple wings catch her. She skimmed over the heads of humans, who she knew wouldn’t see her. If they saw through the glamour at all, they’d only think of her as a leaf or small bird. If they saw her, Security would be on her in minutes, but she was too depressed to care. She was an excellent flier anyway, and maybe she could lose them until they found her again. Whatever.
She dipped down to the road – a huge, human structure where they could speed along in metal boxes of exploding death called cars – and landed in the guttering on a grate. Cars zipped past and it would only take a bicyclist or a swerve to kill her. But as usual, and somewhat disappointedly, she survived the time it took her to land, swear at the wind whipped up by the road, and slip down the grate to the small settlement below.

It consisted of the run down graffitied apartment complex Vivian called home, drug dealers, a host of smells an optimist would call interesting, and a small store. Well, you wouldn’t catch a Tinker or Luna dead in a place like this. No, here lived all the fairies who couldn’t quite afford to get by so they lived somewhere that was loud and had a chance of death if they enter by the road entrance, or having to wade through shit and filth if they went through the other entrance. Like slums everywhere, it attracted the unsavory sort, though it could be argued that all fairies were unsavory, but only by those crazy separatists up in Highgarden. She fluttered down to her apartment on the sixth basement level, unlocked the door, and headed inside.

It was the same as it ever was; messy but clean. She threw her bag on the floor with a soft thwumf and threw herself onto her bed, not even bothering to turn a light on. She lay in the dark, idly chewing her pierced lip ring as she always did when she was thinking, and reflected on her. After a moment of self reflection, she began to cry.

Quill: I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry it was sad, but I promise that the next Fairydust post will be more upbeat! I’m happy to take writing prompts, and am always looking for art to use as the header to a post, so leave your comments down below and let me know what you thought ♥


Quill, signing off until next time.



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