[Update] On health, worlds, and the future

Dearest faithful readers,

It’s been a wild six months. I’ve barely written anything due to exam stress followed by hospitalisation, major surgery, the beginning of university, and finally further illness. Fret not, however, for I am back at last.


For now, I hope to post daily, even if it’s short. I have three original worlds. These are:

[Thrys] is a magi-tech fantasy world which I’ve been writing in for a couple of years now. Depending on the point in time, it’s anywhere from archaic low fantasy to relatively modern to sci-fi. See the specific [Thrys] page for further information on how I’ll be tagging it. Note: formerly known as [Amarentia]

[Fairydust] is a mid-fantasy modern world set around fairies living in our world, primarily those in urban environments. It has some dystopian elements, as well as a few darker themes.

[In Shadow] is a low-fantasy world where one day, demons began appearing at night and the world had to learn how to fight them or die.

On top of these, I might post fanfiction or things set in the real world. I’m also toying with the idea of a cyberpunk world, but that’s still to be determined.


I’m fast approaching winter break and am slowly but surely getting all my academic writing for this semester done. My final deadline is around 9th December but after that, I’m all yours.


Quill, signing off ’til next time,



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