Hello, curious wanderer. If you’ve found your way to my About section, you’ve probably found your way to the rest of the blog. I’d like to thank you from the depths of my heart for reading even some of this. It’s such a rewarding feeling to know that my writings and quillstrokes are seen, and I hope enjoyed.

But enough of that. My name is Quill. I am a twenty-something year old female student in the UK. I like to think that I post my writing here, or thoughts on writing, but it’s really quite hard to say as I am writing this at the very advent of my blog. Considering this from a realistic standpoint,  I’ll probably post quite a few other things too, but I sincerely hope they are interesting and worth the read. Do let me know from the future how that’s going, won’t you? It’ll be a good reminder to update this place.

I plan to tag things appropriately not only using the WordPress feature, but using good old fashioned square brackets. For example, [Short Story] or [Musings] or [Drabble] or undoubtedly [Personal].

As I post more, I’ll have more of an idea what to write here, because while I am a complex individual, as we all are, it’s sifting through to find the relevant information that’s the tricky part. Do I mention that I am a huge gaming nerd? Do I mention that I study languages as a hobby? Do I mention that I hold my pen in a way that upset teachers at school but works fine for me? I just don’t know.

Let’s find out together!


Quill, signing off ’til the next update of this post.