Quillstroke Glossary

In an attempt to write a witty and engaging blog, as well as for ease of writing and to help maintain a degree of anonymity, you’ll encounter a variety of interesting phrases and terms that probably make absolutely no sense.


Quillstroke – Like a drabble but longer. It’s less constrained to word limits and more like it ends whenever Quill feels like it without obligation to make it full chapter length

Drabble – 95-105 words of story

Prompt – A word given as a prompt for a piece of work

Amarentia – A fantasy world in which Quill writes, and may publish.

Project Fairydust – An urban fantasy writing project in which fairies live amongst humans in our modern world.


Personal / Nonfiction

Desolate Town – Where Quill moved to from her parents’ home

House of Bees – Quill’s parents’ home

King Bee – Quill’s father

Blood Family – Family that Quill is related to by blood

Queen Bee – Quill’s mother

Ninja – The martial art Quill trains in

LARP/LRP – Live (Action) Role Playing

Crow – Quill’s younger blood brother

Miku – Quill’s younger blood sister

Beloved – Quill’s fiancé

Rainbow – One of Quill’s partners

Glitter – One of Quill’s partners

Locrian – Quill’s elder brother – sort of